The easiest MLM to earn money in is the one in which you are excited about the product. If you are not excited about the product, you will not get excited when telling other people about it. If you lack enthusiasm, you will not succeed in any multi-level marketing company. When you find a product that really does what it is supposed to and is new or unique, you find yourself telling other people about it, even if you didn’t get paid. It’s like “Wow! I just found the most amazing penetrating oil ever made in the whole universe. You put 3 drops on the front bumper and in 10 minutes it’s on the back bumper.” Of course, no penetrating oil is that good so you have to be truthful. But when a product really is that good, you simply can’t help yourself from telling other people.

When people wonder why it is that some people do not earn money in MLM, it is generally because they quit. Network Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build a network. Upline people are always willing to help because your success is what makes them successful. In most cases, you do not need to do anything new. You just need to duplicate what your sponsor has done. Duplication is the key here. If there was some secret to it or a special skill or talent required, then it would not be so easy to duplicate what your sponsor has done. But duplication is actually all that is required.

You have to introduce your business to new people. When you sponsor two new people into your business and teach them to sponsor two people and teach them to do the same, you have duplicated yourself. You have not duplicated yourself until your two new people have done what you have done and taught their newcomers to sponsor. When you get two new people and teach them to get two people, your business will grow exponentially if you do nothing else. Unless someone quits. And people do quit. If it was easy to be a millionaire, everyone would be one. So you are always looking for new people. Even if you already have a thousand. Why quit? Quitters fail.

If you think the company compensation plan is the problem, you need to realize that all successful MLM companies have successful people that have reached the highest levels of achievement. All of the major MLM companies have millionaires among their distributors. Have you ever got your pencil or calculator out and actually discovered how many people are involved when just two people get two people that get two people, etc.?

There are 62 people in the following diagram, not counting yourself. Nobody in the diagram sponsored more than 2 people. So, once you get your two people, you help them get their people. Unless you are at the top of the matrix, there will be people coming in your downline that were sponsored by people above you. People that take network marketing seriously, do not stop sponsoring just because they have 2 people. They are excited about the product. Remember? They may sponsor a hundred or more.

My Daily Choice, which is the company I work with, pays ten levels deep. That is over a million people. Your monthly income will surpass the national average far before you get that many people.

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