Liberals. Democrats, progressives, and other satanists, do not like multi-level marketing because everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. It is also what they hate about the United States of America.

Democrats love it when Procter & Gamble spend a quarter of a million dollars on a 15 second ad on TV because the money pretty much all goes to devil worshipers. Where a MLM or Network Marketing company differ on where they spend their advertising dollars is that loving what made America Great in the first place, capitalism, and free enterprise, encourages them to spend the money with private citizens, one at a time, according to their active words of mouth. It is the same and exact and only difference between Jesus and Lucifer. Namely free agency to choose for oneself and the taking of personal responsibility for ones own actions.

See, with network marketing, there isn’t a free lunch. It’s not what democrats can relate to. No welfare or food stamps. No free college by placing a gun to the head of a productive citizen to get the money. The only people that get paid are the ones that deserve to be paid. What a concept! So when a crybaby complains that they never got paid, it is because they never did the work required to get paid.

All socialism is bad. Evil. Satanic, in fact. But socializing is great! When you socialize with your neighbor and he complains about MS, autism, muscle spasms, or anything else that you may have a help with, you can suggest what worked for you or what helped someone you know. So naturally, your neighbor asks how he can get some. You may have some or they may have to order it, but either way, they want to get it wholesale.

When you cause a sale to be made, you have participated in free enterprise. No money is ever made by anyone until a sale is made. So anytime anyone says they hate sales, it means they hate to make money. Because that is the one and only way any money is ever made. If a mental patient suggests that she can make money without selling, she is only fooling herself. And that very well may be why she is a mental patient. She can sell her time to someone that makes sales, but it was in fact a sale that produced her income. So let’s pull our head out of the proverbial orifice and love sales. Now that we love sales, we can love earning money.

Sales is not selling something that people do not need or want. Sales is providing a solution to an existing problem. Sales people are problem solvers. Sometimes we purchase something off the shelf or rack without the aid of a sales person. But when we have questions, we are generally glad to have a sales person explain certain features or benefits that we may have been unfamiliar with.

Sales is where the money is.  The gross profit from a single car or truck sale at a typical auto dealer can be $5,000 to ten thousand dollars profit per sale.  That is why it is common to see car discounts in the thousands of dollars.  And the rebates a dealer receives from the manufacturer in the multi-level marketing dealership plan even allows the dealer to sell a car below “cost” and still make a profit.  This is also why car dealerships maximize their profits with multiple dealerships.

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