Okay.  We’ve all done it.  We say we are going to do something, and for whatever reason we get side tracked and do not do it. You made a goal to share your business opportunity with at least one new person a week.  What is so hard about that?  How many new people did you meet this week and NOT share your business opportunity?  Why not?  Were you afraid that they would buy and become your most productive distributor?  Did you buy gas?  Did you go to the post office?  Did you go to the bank?  Did you go to a store?  Everyone of those people want what you have whether they know it or not. Anytime you see someone earning less than $50 per hour, you know for certain they need more money.  Every time you see a diabetic, or person with MS, ADD, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, and so on, they need what you have.  These people have prayed that you would share your message with them.  And you walked right by and didn’t even say hello.  Stop being so selfish. If you got just one new distributor per week that did the same as you, at the end of 2 weeks you would have three new people on your team or 14 people in a month not counting yourself.  Imagine if you could get one a day.  My sponsor gets 3 per day. There are ways to multiply your efforts by using web sites, blogs, forums, advertisements in the paper, on the radio, as well as the people you personally contact.  And just so you know, I will give a blog to anyone in my team that wants one for free.  I have my own web server and host many sites for many different people and have done so for decades. Goal setting is absolutely necessary to achieve success.  You have to pursue it.  Success is not going to fall out of the sky.  Even in order to win the lottery, you first have to buy a ticket. If you make goals with this business, you will absolutely without a doubt be successful.  Winning is not how many times you fell down, but how many times you got back up. Become familiar with your back office.  Know which web site to send your prospect to.  There is travel, Hempworx, business opportunity, and more information as well as a retail store and others. If you set a goal to share with someone every single day and you get home at night and haven’t shared, you go back out and find someone to talk to.  That is singleness of purpose.  That is setting a goal and doing it.  And if you do, you will be making more money and people will be a lot more excited to talk with you when you tell them how much money you make. This blog is a valuable resource.  It containes videos and audios that must be listened to several times in order to actually internalize the messages and concepts.

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