Why is more important than How

There are many reasons that I promote My Daily Choice.  I know that Josh and Jenna are incredibly capable leaders.  Their leadership skills are proven.  MDC is a Billion dollar company.  This was no accident.  It was the result of highly skilled and motivated leaders.

I do not need to look for a different company to promote.  If I am doing less than what I am capable of, it is not the fault of the company.  Switching companies would not be an improvement.

Network Marketing has helped create more financially independent people than any other business model.  MDC pays out more percentage in commissions than any other company that I am aware of.

MDC is truly a House of Brands.  Such a diverse product line has appeal for anyone.  CBD products are my favorite, but I like the idea of constantly adding new products for a wider appeal.

My Daily Choice is proven

There is no limit to how much money I can earn with MDC.  I can introduce you to people earning from just starting to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.  And most of the top earners offer free training.  The company offers a lot of free training right in your back office.  They also have a regular schedule of new events and videos to keep you informed of the latest products and sales techniques.

The company provides a vast array of automated systems to help you build your business.  In your back office you will find dozens of lead capture pages that are personalized just for you.  These landing pages give the visitor a free tour and present the company and products.  In many cases, this is all that is required to sponsor other people into the business.  An automated email follow-up drip system stays with your prospects and encourages them to become an affiliate.

There are people in your state, maybe even in your town, that are earning 5 or more figures a month with MDC.  The company is still new.  Typically an explosion of product awareness lasts a minimum of 15 years.  So there are still millions of people that do not yet know about CBD.  Plus, there were many fraudsters that sold fake cbd in order to profit from the massive explosion.  In this case there are millions of people that think they have tried cbd, but have actually only tried colored water.  For these people there are vast life changing “miracles” as they rediscover cbd for the first time.  The medicinal qualities of cbd are so large that entire books could be written and in fact have been, and yet the surface is only scratched.

CBD Changes Lives

Many of their other products are life changing, also, but today I only have time and space to discuss cbd.  There is a thing called homeostasis that you would do well to look into.  It is the state of your body and all of it’s functions and properties that are aligned with one another to produce a well you.  There are many things that can affect homeostasis and when even one little thing in your body is out of proper adjustment, other problems can manifest.  CBD has been shown to aid in homeostasis.

Aside from homeostasis, there is the fact that all mammals have built-in cbd receptors.  This means that the human body was designed to take cbd.  Consequently, if you are not taking cbd, you are not as healthy as you could be.

What better way to earn a living than by helping other people?  Not only with their health, but with their wealth.  Your earnings in this business are directly proportional to the number of people that you have helped.

How much does it cost to be an MDC affiliate?

It is free to become an affiliate with MDC.  Of course, you will want to purchase some products for yourself to try as well as to share with other people.  On several occasions, I have given someone a free bottle so that they can try it to see if it actually does help seizures, depression, anxiety, and so many other things.  Normally, I try to get the people to purchase directly from the company so that they can take advantage of the free 60 day money back guarantee if for any reason they are not satisfied.  However, in some cases the person feels they can not afford it and so I have given away product for free.

When a person with one of the ailments that cbd is most noted for helping, tries cbd and sees the difference, they will not go another day without product for as long as they live.  This is dramatic!  It is why I am willing to give away product for free.

When people realize that simply by sharing their experience with other people, they can create a customer base that earns them commissions, they can see the advantage of spreading the word.

Since everyone buys directly from the company, there is no need to warehouse products.  I like to keep a few extra things on hand so that I can help other people, but as a rule the products that I purchase are for me.

If you are not on my team and would like to be, please take my free tour and see if this business might be for you, simply click HERE.

Residual Income that is inheritable

The business is very easy to get into.  Over a period of time, one can develop a customer base that not only consumes products, but also actively recruits other business affiliates.  You earn a commission on all of the business that you generate.  So if you help five people that in turn help 5 people, you will get paid a commission on all 5 that you helped, plus the 25 that they helped.  Your organization grows exponentially.

It is surprising how fast it can grow.  Every Thursday is payday.  There are several different things you get paid on and some are weekly and some are monthly.  It is fun to scroll down through the pages of names that earned you money that you do not know.  Perhaps when covid is done we will be able to meet some of these people at the annual company get togethers.

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