I needed to have an unlimited earning potential.  I needed a proven business model.  I needed to be able to control the whole thing with software.  I didn’t have thousands of dollars laying around looking for a place to work.

When I heard of the many medicinal qualities of CBD oil and that it was legal in all 50 states, I searched for companies that were selling it mlm.  I found several companies that were marketing cbd oil, some of which were simply copy cats.  I knew that I wanted to be able to recruit, view, and contact my downline from an administrative interface.  I wanted to be able to sponsor people without having an actual piece of paper to sign them up.  I needed to be able to send prospects to a capture page where they could learn about the company and product and sign up on their own time table at their own convenience.  I found all of this and more with My Daily Choice.

Here is a capture page (one of many) that you can take a free tour and learn what this is all about.  http://www.WinWithMDC.com/survivaldealer/?SOURCE=blog 

It is a binary matrix which means that you only get two people on your first level.  There is only a right leg and a left leg to the matrix.  The beauty of this is that anytime anyone sponsors more than 2 people, they must go into a level below other people.  I actually received two people in my downline from somewhere upline in my first week alone.  When I personally sponsored my third person, he went under the girl I had previously sponsored which helped her fill her matrix.

This company is no copy cat.  They bought Hempworx and Brain Bears before that.  This company is a pioneer.  The very best product imaginable.  Perhaps the most lucrative compensation plan in the entire industry.  And the timing is now.  Hundreds of new people are joining everyday.  They could be on your team.

This is the easiest and most profitable mlm I have ever seen.

Several people are already earning in excess of $50,000 per month in residuals.  My sponsor is the number one recruiter in the company.  Joining my team right now is possibly the smartest thing you could do.

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