I was looking for a CBD MLM. I looked at several. MDC had a lower startup cost, an awesome back office, professional high quality landing pages, and an auto-responder so that the company actually closes the prospects.

My Daily ChoiceThe company was new and that meant a ground floor opportunity. But even more important than that is the fact that Josh Zwagil designed the marketing plan from the ground up to be the highest paid and to especially compensate the new people. Things like a fast start bonus and weekly checks. A new affiliate begins earning money right away.

99% of MLMs have mediocre products at best. It’s true that you don’t need a great or fantastic product, but you do need a good product. When I heard CBD was MLM I thought “Oh my gosh, I’ll get rich.” CBD is nothing short of a miracle. While some may associate CBD with marijuana, that is just silly. MDC CBD Oil does not contain THC. And by the way, Hempworx is the brand for MDCs CBD products and they are a world leader. CBD has actually stopped the growth of cancer cells. A simple search on Google will reveal a million or more examples of the benefits of cbd.

Many MLM companies are trying to copy My Daily Choice by adding their own cbd oil.  Thing is it takes time to create a farm and so they have to buy somebody elses cbd oil and in some cases, from My Daily Choice.  The hemp products branded Hempworx from My Daily Choice are already government tested and approved.  MDC is already a world leader and virtually dominates the cbd market.

Big Pharma wishes they could patent a plant, but they can’t. Therefore, they spend hundreds of millions in bribes to keep THC illegal. However, the FDA has approved synthetic cbd for sale because Big Pharma can patent that, and still keep the actual plant that God made illegal.

You can actually save someones life. I believe that CBD is the greatest product of all time. Hemp has proven to be the most complex plant on the face of the earth. New discoveries are being made every day.

Now, consider this. Most MLMs you have to contact a lot of people, try to sell a lot of product, or make a huge list of contacts. In today’s world, with the Internet and other technology, it is possible to earn a hundred thousand dollars each month and never talk to anyone, never sell anything, and never make a huge contact list. My Daily Choice began with new technology. High definition web pages with auto responders. They have a dozen different landing pages for different specific tasks. So if you want to show people the product, you send them to one of your product landing pages. And if you want to talk about the financial opportunity, you send them to your money landing pages. The landing pages are specific to you and when someone visits the page and enters their name and email address in order to find out what it is about, the company’s auto responder closes them. You get an email that someone took the free tour and you get another email when they upgrade to an active affiliate. So instead of making a list and talking to a limited number of people, you create a cash funnel where hundreds of people visit your landing pages every day. I will show you exactly how to do this after you join my team.

My sponsor earns between $50,000 and $100,000 per month by sending people to his landing pages instead of talking to them. There is a limit to how many people you can talk to in a day. There is no limit to how many people you can send to your cash funnel.

Oh, and one more thing. You get a lot of help from your upline. This is a binary matrix so there can only be two people on any given level. This means that when your sponsor adds multiple people to your team, they go in your downline. My right leg reached 600 levels deep with active distributors in my first year, none of which did I personally sponsor.

To get started or learn more information about wht this is all about and how it works, please take this free tour.

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