The premise

The ultimate form of freedom of expression.  We all go through life with a wide variety of experiences and when I find something of particular value or of good report, or praiseworthy, I can share that with you in an effort to make your day a better one as a result.  Maybe it is a movie I saw, or a new restaurant.  I share my experience with you and you may decide to watch the movie also.  In the case of a network marketing product, I actually get paid for my recommendations.

In fact, I can build an entire sales team, or a massive customer base, that believes like I do or that uses the same products as I use.

The Free Enterprise system allows us to promote our ideas and to be paid for them.  See related article.

Very Low cost of entry

If I want to open a new hardware store, I will have to find a large building.  Perhaps, I may have to build a new one.  Then, I will need around a million dollars in inventory on the shelf before I open for business.  I will have to hire employees.  An accountant, people to keep the shelves stocked, cashiers to ring up the sales, and of course the employees must be knowledgeable.  A person may come in with a question that requires a highly detailed answer in specific technical terms.

When I join a network marketing company, I do not need a building, employees, a parking lot, or any inventory.  Basically, I am simply a salesperson.  When I cause a sale to be made, I earn a commission.  How easy is that?

I simply choose a company which has products that I like and use and when I tell people how happy I am for having used these products, they want to share my enthusiasm and happiness and so they purchase the products, also.

Automated Customer Acquisition

The one thing that really excites me is that the company I am with provides me with an automated sales funnel.  This allows me to simply send someone to the landing page and have the comfort in knowing that the company will make the sale for me.  Prospects that do not buy or join immediately are entered into an automated email drip follow up system that follows these people for up to 6 months.  This way, the company closes another set of customers for me that I did not have to take the time to sell personally.

This allows me the freedom to do other things while the company is selling my prospects for me.  The company tells them about the products and the compensation plan.  Maybe even a little bit about how it works so that the prospect can see the definite advantage of joining.

And because the prospect was sold by the company automated system, they can see how this system will work for them also.  In other words, they do not have to be a salesman.  They do not have to have great speaking skills.  They can simply follow my example and send anyone that is interested to their sales funnel and let the company close the sale.

This allows me and my prospects to build a very large sales organization. One that purchases thousands of dollars of product every month on which I am paid a commission.  Every month.

Perpetual, Generational, Income Streams

When I worked at a job, I got paid based on the number of hours that I worked.  If I were to take a month off, I would not have been paid for it.  Had I became sick on the job, I would have had to take time off for which I would not be paid.  Network Marketing is different.  Since I have hundreds of people in my organization, I get paid on the hours that they work.  I can be paid on several hundred hours per day.  At my job, I was never able to get paid for more than 24 hours in a single day.

Because I am actually building a business with network marketing, I have built a money machine.  It works day and night.  Every Thursday is payday.  When I die, my children will get the income.  It can pass many generations.  It even continue to grow in size and profitability even after I die.

You can do it, too

If you are not already on my team, you may decide to join the fun.  Take a moment to visit my FREE Tour and see how the business works and if it might be for you.  Here is the article that lists both opportunities.


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