You have no doubt heard the famous expression “The money is in the list.”  Well, it is true.   Every Internet marketer has an email list. Several, actually.

You can earn millions with just a list

As many of you know, or at least the ones that follow me do, I have been in sales all of my life.  I have sold things on eBay and Amazon.  I have gone door to door and I have telephone solicited.  Having a list allows me to promote a different product as often as I want.  Let’s say I have a list of 100,000 names and email addresses.  Suppose I want to promote a new pocket knife that is made in China that will easily sell for $20 bucks on eBay.  I can buy the knife for just $5 plus shipping if I buy in quantity.  So I do.  I send an offer to the list of a hundred thousand.  Only 1% is actually interested.  I sell a thousand knives.

Maybe tomorrow I want to sell a slick looking women’s blouse.  Same thing.  I send the offer to the list.  Only 1% are interested.  Most likely a different group than was interested in the knife.  Again, I sell a thousand units.  Can you see the advantage to having a list?

How to get a list

I joined a hot new network marketing company a while back.  One of their products is cbd oil.  I ran ads on Craigslist for a couple years and got thousands of responses.  Some signed up in my network marketing program.  Most did not.  I saved all of the contacts in a spreadsheet.  Many spreadsheets actually as I only put 5000 contacts in each sheet.

I joined a company that let me use their mass mailer and gave me 200 new contacts each and every day.  I used their mailer to promote something to these people.  But I also saved all of the contacts in a series of spreadsheets.  I got 200 contacts a day for almost 2 years.

Now, you can see how incredibly easy it is to get thousands of email addresses and the names to go with them.

Keeping a list Clean

Unless you want all of your emails to end up in the spam folder, you have to have a clean list.  No bad addresses.  No people that will report you as spam.  Your list has to be comprised of people that actually want to get your mailings.

I use GetResponse.  Prices start at about $15.  They handle all of my unsubscribes.  If an address is undeliverable 3 times, it is deleted from the list.  If people report my mail, they are removed from the list.  The list is always clean.  Every email I send has a link for people to update their preferences.  They can unsubscribe or subscribe a different email.

There are laws about sending spam.  You don’t want to get in trouble.  Handling the mail server settings can be quite complicated if you do not have a strong computer background.  If people report your mail as spam, other servers will reject it.  They put it directly into the spam folder where it may not get read.

Metrics are saved.  How many sent, how many opened, how many discarded, how many reported.  If your numbers are not good, the bulk of your emails will never be read.  If nobody reads them, you will not make any sales.


When I want to send a new email, I can choose from hundreds of templates that are already created.  Or I can use a blank template and do the whole thing from scratch.  GetResponse has a vast array of images and layouts that make your job a whole lot easier.

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