Once you have gone through your warm market (family and friends), you are left with the cold market (strangers).  Sometimes you are even in the NFL Club (No Friends Left).  I didn’t want to bug family and friends until they wondered where all of my extra money was coming from so in the beginning, I started out with strangers.  Once you start making money your family and friends come easy. The fact is that unless you have a large number of friends that are smart enough not to pay taxes, then they probably won’t make you any money anyway.  When crybabies or imbeciles complain that President Trump’s receptionist pays more taxes than he does, it is because they do not understand the immense incentives that government gives to people that are willing to take the risk of starting a business.  When you are in Network Marketing, practically every expense you have is deductible.  Mortgage, utilities, child care, phone bill, transportation costs, restaurants, etc. are all tax deductible when used for business purposes. A guy that has a nice job and previously gave money to the government in advance with the hope of getting some of it back at filing time was rather happy when his wife got involved with MLM and was able to deduct $40,000 in expenses, most of which she would have had to pay anyway.  I am not an accountant, but you should ask yours and if you don’t have one, then no wonder you are broke. So everywhere you look you see a bottle of CBD Oil so you decided to capitalize on it and become an affiliate for the fastest growing network marketing company on planet earth.  Good move!  The company supplies personalized web sites, landing pages, and automated sales funnels, so all you have to do is come up with the leads.  Well, how do you do that? You could buy solo ads.  You could advertise on Craigslist.  There are actually quite a few places to advertise once you start looking.
MLM Leads
I have tried several different solo ad providers.  I have advertised on Craigslist.  When I found out about mlmleads.com I was really impressed with the owners integrity and dedication to providing the freshest leads possible that really convert.  I started with a $40 purchase just to check it out.  Now, mind you 40 leads is not enough to give it a real test.  For instance on Craigslist I typically have to get 200 to 400 leads just to get one sign-up.  It was better last year.  Twice as good. Once you get a thousand people in your sales funnel, things start to happen.  Sometimes it takes a few weeks for a person to make up their mind and so when you get your first signup it was probably someone that took your free tour two or three weeks ago.  They had to get a couple dozen emails from the company sales funnel to help them make up their mind. Another thing I noticed.  The Pre-Enrollees get emails telling them how many people have been placed in their downline and if it is only a few, then they don’t get too excited.  But when they get a hundred or more a week added to their downline as they do when their sponsor is active, they get excited.  They want to get paid on those people.  They start paying serious attention and doing some research on their own. Oh, and another thing.  You get paid if you recommend other people to mlmleads. So, when you place your order, you will start to get results the same day.  Usually within a couple hours.  Now, you will want to use a tracking code as explained in your back office under the Advertising tab so that you know who came from where.  I save all of my leads in a spreadsheet.  OpenOffice is free and a little better than MS Office.  Since I use more than one lead generation technique at a time, I mark them so I can gauge my results.  There is money in that list.  There are people literally making millions on their email list.  Some sell solo ads.  Regardless, you can sell the list a thousand times and still have it for sale. MLMleads puts their customers in rotation and uses only fresh leads.  As in less than a minute ago.  They opted in to get information about earning money from home and are qualified, categorized, and eagerly looking for your opportunity.  Nobody else gets your leads. If you keep your sales funnel full, you will succeed.  I try to get at least one lead per hour 24-7.  Twenty-four or more leads a day. Remember that if you choose to send the leads to your sales funnel, you will only get those that actually took the tour.  Of you have them emailed to you, you get them all.  Personally, I do not like to call leads so I am happy to just get the ones that were interested enough to enter their contact info.  If you use a service like Udimi and pay for 100 leads, they email your ad until you get 100 that took the tour. If you would like to join my team or see if this business is for you, please take my FREE Tour.    

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