Multi-level marketing has finally come of age.  Sure, Amway and others have been around for decades, but these are different times.  The days of three way calls, hotel meetings, and rah rah hype sessions are over.  The new generation of network marketing companies are copying My Daily Choice.

Why? Well for one, they have a truly miraculous product line.  Hemp products and cbd oil have taken this world by storm.  But, more on this later.

Secondly, and probably the most important is the automated sales funnel.  In today’s Internet society, recruiting can be done completely online without ever having to actually talk to anyone.  Wow!  Did you get that?  No meetings and no calls.  Just send prospects to the company’s automated sales funnel and they are coached with automated emails that are personal and unique to them.  For instance, Bill takes my free tour and he receives a welcome message.  The next day he receives a message telling him the names of the 37 people that have already been placed in his downline.  The next day, he gets another message telling him the names of the people that joined his team while he slept.  These are real people and real names.  They have been placed in his downline as pre-enrollees.  Thursday, he receives another email explaining how Thursdays are cut-off days where pre-enrollees that have upgraded to affiliates actually rise above the other pre-enrollees and are placed in the next available spot in the matrix under their sponsor.  This compression of the downline is automated.  Later pre-enrollees that upgrade to affiliate rise above also and are then in a position to capitalize on the next wave of upgrades.

Everyone that purchases product, does so directly from the company so there is never a need to warehouse or stock inventory.

In today’s online world, you can build your entire team online without ever having to meet a single one of them if you want to do it that way.

Now, aside from having the best product line and the most aggressive compensation plan, which by the way pays out a full 85% in commissions, higher than any other company at this writing, the third most important hurdle that My Daily Choice has already leaped over is purity of product that is certified to meet all government requirements in all 50 states. 

My Daily Choice has already proven their farms, pharmaceutical grade processing facilities, and product purity.  MDC is the world standard.  The company is the only network marketing company that is a member of the Hemp Industries Association.   My Daily Choice already has their farms, processing plants, etcetera in production.  New companies or those that are adding cbd oil in order to copy My Daily Choice are far behind.

Why would you want to join a johnny come lately copy cat?  Some of these new companies are adding harmful chemicals and dyes to their product.  My Daily Choice/Hempworx has pure cbd products.

It is required by law for Hemp to be low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp is a non-psychoactive superfood. In 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wrote patents on some of the cannabinoid molecules found in hemp, referring to them as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”  In December of 2018, President Donald J. Trump signed the new Farm Bill which makes Hemp a new national farming commodity.  For centuries hemp was used to make ropes and even the Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp paper.

My Daily Choice is growing fast.  The medicinal qualities of hemp products and especially cbd oil are far too numerous to mention here, but a simple Google search will result in literally millions of testimonials and scientific data.

CBD Oil literally changes people’s lives.  A few drops of cbd oil under the tongue can stop an epileptic seizure in seconds.  Thousands are getting relief for anxiety, autism, ADHD, etc., after the doctors offered nothing but harmful drugs.

I believe that cbd is a Godsend.  Certainly it is for the bees that were dying by the millions.  Honey bees on hemp crops are thriving.  And the unique compensation plan is the answer to many people’s prayers.  Where else can you be paid to become healthy, wealthy, and wise?  My Daily Choice acquired the Brain Bears network marketing company a while back and is truly dedicated to helping mankind be more healthy.

So, after looking at many of the new and old network marketing companies, I believe that the clear choice is My Daily Choice.  With absolutely top notch management, this company has already overcome most of the challenges that new companies, especially multi-level marketing companies face.

If you are not already a member of my team, please take a FREE Tour to see if this business could be for you.

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