You place an ad or make a meme or do an event and obtain leads.  These leads are what build your business.  But it is far more than that.  You are building life skills.  You are changing your attitude.  You are becoming more successful.  You are helping other people to become successful.
For one thing, you are building a very large database of contacts on your own.  Pretty soon you will have thousands.  When people take your free tour, they are available in your Contact Manager, under My Website, in your back office.  But, if they opt-out of the emails then their contact info is deleted.  If they have no activity for 6 months, they are deleted.  So you can NOT depend on your Contact Manager to keep your list.  Your list is valuable and will over time be worth tens of thousands of dollars in and of itself.  So I save my contacts in a spreadsheet.  OpenOffice is free and every bit as good as any spreadsheet on planet earth.
You are on a journey that will have you doing many things that highly successful people do.  They will become habits.  Poor people have poor people’s ways.  Rich people have rich people’s ways.  As you become a better person, you will become more productive.  As your habits change, so will your income.
Solo ads are people with large email lists that they send your ad to.  Pretty soon you will have your own list.  Of course, you will have gleaned from it what you can and so you can become a solo ad provider and other people will pay you to see if those people are interested in their opportunity.
You are creating multiple income streams.
One day, I took my 19 year old daughter downtown Salt Lake.  She is borderline autistic and I had a lesson to teach.  I took a wad of $20 bills and asked her what she thought we could do with them?  She just gave me a look of wonderment and so I told her we were going to give them away.  One at a time.  As we walked around downtown, we met many different people that were in far more need of $20 than we were.  We talked to people.  Listened to their stories.  Asked them how we might be of assistance.  In all likelihood, we would never see any of those people ever again.  We live in different worlds.  I know in some cases, they probably bought beer, cigarettes, or drugs with the money.  Doesn’t matter.  We gave them the money to do with as they pleased.  We enjoyed ourselves, felt incredibly grateful for the abundance we have, and promised God that if He allowed us to obtain another such abundance, that we would do it again.  It wasn’t enough money to have made a big difference in our lives and certainly $20 isn’t life changing for anyone, but no amount of selfishness can begin to compare to the joy of giving, particularly to someone that genuinely needs it.
Network Marketing is about helping other people.  Helping them to get what they want.  In the process of this, you will get what you want.

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  1. “$20 isn’t life changing?” !!!

    Ever been homeless for three nights?

    Then had a stranger give $20 so you can buy an ice cold six pack and a hot meal?

    Didn’t think so….

    What you did was awesome.

    Don’t be afraid to spend an hour watching them spend the money though.

    Thank you.

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