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Do you want to make money or be average all of your life?  The average person is broke.  If you can’t sock away a stack of hundred dollar bills every month, you are broke too.

While network marketing is the simplest way to become wealthy, many people simply do not understand it and fail to make it work.  They become losers, talk like losers, and act like losers.

Let’s say for example that you called 5 of your friends and asked them if they were willing to change the place where they buy their coffee if they could earn 5 figures a month.  The ones above a double digit IQ would say yes.  You tell them to do the same and they in turn each call 5 of their friends and offer the same deal.  You got 5 and they each got 5 for a total of 30 people in your downline.  How much money did you earn?  Unless they each made a purchase, you made a big whopping zero dollars and zero cents.

Are you willing to do it?

Suppose it took you an entire hour to call 5 of your friends and get a commitment for just 6 months.  Suppose it took each of them an entire hour to call 5 of their friends and get the same commitment.  In less than 24 hours, you would have a massive downline.  If nobody buys anything, then no one earns any money.  If everyone only buys the minimum to remain active, the money is pretty good.  But if everyone buys an Executive pack, the money is huge.  Take a moment with a pencil and figure out the difference.  When people buy the Executive package and follow the above example, everyone in the entire organization earns more than $1000 their first month in jump start bonus alone.  The folllowing month, everyone earns several thousand dollars per month in binary commissions alone.  Of course, there are many other bonuses that each person would qualify for.  See for actual numbers.

Imagine if you tell the chicken shits that they can become an affiliate to hold their place in line, and wait till they have 5 affiliates under them before making a purchase.  Can’t get any more risk free than that.  Do it all of the way down the line to all 20 thousand people.  Your 5 each got 5 and their 5 each got 5 etc.  You purchase when you got your 5 and they purchase when they got their 5.  Takes you an hour to get 5 and it takes them an hour to get their 5.  Become a millionaire in less than a year.  You can buy the house across the street from each of the people stupid enough not to participate, just to remind them what they could have had.

Everyone earns money their very first month.  There are no losers.  Not a single person in the entire group earned less than double their entire first month investment.  When this all actually sinks in, you may wonder if the people that don’t participate in MLM are too stupid to qualify as human.

Everyone in the above example that committed to 6 months and actually did it, earned 5 figures a month before their 6 month commitment was up.

The funny thing is that it is not necessary for someone to be poor just because someone else is rich.  It is possible for everyone to be rich at the same time.  Democrats do not like this 100% factual truth because their power depends on a lower class.  But it is still a fact.

Success is a choice!

Some of the best success stories are the people that spent their last dollar on their Executive pack.  Some even spent money they did not actually have and maxed out their credit card to get started.  This creates a will power that is unstoppable.

When a person says “Oh, I could never do that?”  The answer of course is “Oh yes you can.”  You just have to clean out the cow manure between your ears and disregard all of the lies that your school teachers taught you.  Those evil pricks that destroy the minds of children with lies about things that can’t be done, just because they are personally too stupid to be a success.

I know some people with a whole lot of money that are incredibly stupid as far as things people learn in school goes.  They just hire the people that DO know those things.

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