How long do you think it would take to become wealthy by working for others, earning an excellent salary, saving diligently and investing wisely?

Can self-employment as a conventional business owner or a franchise owner create financial freedom for you?

How much would it cost to start a business that could support you nicely several years after your starting date and could provide the lifestyle of your dreams a few years later?

Do you know of any business that provides greater success for people when they help others to be successful?

Working for Others
When you work for a traditional business, your efforts may provide you with a nice salary, paid vacations, health insurance and even bonuses to acknowledge your extra efforts. However, the owner and stockholders of the business gain the most from your hard work. Working for others usually means working according to their schedules, complying with a dress code, asking for permission when you take time off, working with people you may not like and having a limit to your earning potential.

You can live within your means, save money on a regular basis and make shrewd investments to gradually increase your wealth as you work for others. However, some investments can be risky, and financial institutions guarantee interest rates for only limited terms. Nevertheless, wise planning may help you to acquire enough money for a nice retirement after many years of working for someone else.

Owning a conventional business or franchise
You need to make a significant investment of money and time as well as possess or develop certain skills to be successful as the owner of a conventional business or franchise. In addition, it normally takes years before the business begins showing a profit because of your large initial investment.

Cost of a successful home based business
When you work from home, your expenses related to work can be less than the costs associated with a normal job. You will have no need to buy expensive clothes to maintain your appearance of success. You will not have the cost of commuting to a job or of childcare while you are away from home. You can eat at home more often because you can put dinner in the oven and let it cook as you work. A home based business offers many tax advantages as well. If you work from home and devote a portion of your home to your business, you may be able to deduct part of your utility, maintenance and mortgage expenses from your taxes. When you combine your work with vacations, part of your travel expenses may be deductible as well.

When you choose a multi-level-marketing (MLM) distributorship as your home based business, the startup cost is normally very modest. Most MLM companies do not ask you to keep an inventory of products, but you may wish to purchase a few samples. Some MLM companies require you to buy a starter kit of supplies that will help you begin your home based business, but your total cost to start the business is normally minimal.

Another option to consider is a CBD Oil business such as Hempworx that offers unlimited income potential, requires no start-up kit, and you may even cure someone’s cancer. It’s a great way to have fun while making money from home.

Helping others succeed
Network marketing is one of only a few businesses that offer the most prosperity to those who help others achieve prosperity. MLM distributors share their business opportunity with others and develop teams called downlines. The distributors teach everyone in their downlines the skills needed to be successful with the business opportunity. Each team member purchases products to use, sells products to others and duplicates the process of building and training teams. The MLM company pays bonuses to distributors based on their sales along with the sales of those in their downlines, and their downlines can continue through multiple levels, with each level growing wider. When distributors train their team members effectively, they profit from the success of each one in their downlines, and the process keeps repeating with each member of their teams. Networkers become wealthy when they teach others how to be wealthy.

Author Robert Kiyosaki explains that most people do not make very much money in a network marketing business unless they help enable other people to leave the realm of the employed or self-employed and succeed as business owners or investors. Those who focus on assisting others to become successful will achieve success as well.

Robert Kiyosaki also states that traditional business owners focus on creating assets by hiring employees or self-employed people to work for them. However, multilevel marketing business owners create assets by training other business owners to work under them, those people train other business owners to work under them, and the process goes on down many levels.

Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman, investor and self-help author best known for writing a series of Rich Dad, Poor Dad motivational books.

Network Marketing REALLY Does Work!
Multilevel marketing works for a number of reasons, and the three main ingredients for success with this business model are residual income, duplication and leveraging of time and money. A multilevel business opportunity makes the most of all three of those important principles.

Residual income
Network marketing provides a business opportunity that allows people with no special skills or previous experience to create lasting streams of residual income without making large initial investments.

The networking business opportunity involves many ordinary people that do a little rather than a few experts doing a lot. The work is simple, easy to teach and easy to learn.

Time and money leveraging
Networking allows people to leverage time and money thereby gaining more of both, because networkers benefit from the efforts of other people as well as from their own efforts. In addition, everyone in the organization has the same opportunity to earn as much as the other members can earn.

Network marketing will always work
According to Robert Kiyosaki, the economy of the world has moved ahead, and multilevel marketing is a major business for the 21st century.

There will always be people who want or need extra money.

Some people find that supplementing their incomes is necessary to make ends meet. Others want the ability to have some of the nice things they see advertised on a daily basis. People can work from home doing a networking business part time to earn extra money, and if they put more effort into the business, they may make more than they earn from their full-time jobs.

There will always be people who do not enjoy their current jobs.

Most people do not work for others because they like their jobs but because they need the money they earn from those jobs. Many jobs require employees to work at hours that are inconvenient and create stress for them and their families, and commuting long distances to work is a problem for numerous workers. Those people may enjoy the benefits they receive when they work from home at times that are convenient for them.

There will always be people who want to have control of their time.

Networkers can start a home based business and work from home part time while maintaining their current lifestyles. After they build a team of other distributors, the networkers can earn enough to quit their full-time jobs, and when they no longer work for bosses, they will be free to set their own schedules. The networkers will have no limits to the amount of money they can earn, especially with the residual income they make.

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