How else can you go into business for less than two hundred dollars per month and earn 5 or 6 figures in less than five years?  Using My Daily Choice as an example, the hemp farm is already in planted, growing, and being harvested.  The pharmaceutical grade processing plant is fully staffed and operational.  The warehouse is full of products.  The shipping and receiving crew keep orders current daily.  And you and I get it all for free.

It costs a mere $20 to become an affiliate.  The company provides several high quality, personalized web sites to send customers to as well as unique landing pages for us to send business prospects to.  This is known as a sales funnel.  I send people to my landing page and the company auto-responders keep in touch with them for the next several weeks.  In many cases, the prospects are closed without any intervention on my part.

So why would anyone want to buy cbd products in the first place?  An epileptic will tell you that cbd can stop a seizure in just seconds, and either prevent them altogether or reduce the number a great deal by using a few drops a day ahead of time.  A Google search on “the benefits of cbd oil” may result in over a million other reasons.

Every business earns a little profit on their products in order to pay their employees, stay in business, and to grow.  MLM is no different.  Instead of paying huge advertising costs to the media, MLM companies pay affiliates or distributors when they create a sale.  They don’t have to make the sale themselves, they may tell aunt Annabelle and she tells her father in law who has chronic joint pain.  Perhaps a couple different people were involved in creating the sale and so each get a commission.

If you had a burger franchise and earned a small percentage of each sale as profit, how many customers would you want?  Unless you are a little slow, your answer will be as many as possible.  There may be 2,000 regular customers that live near your burger establishment and they may profit you a dollar each every month.  Maybe ten dollars a month.

Many people are looking for a get rich quick scheme and when you tell them that this is not, they just nod their head and hope it really is anyway.  Then when they are not rich by Friday, they say MLM doesn’t work because they tried it and failed.  Like if they bought a McDonalds franchise and was still in debt almost half a million dollars even after a whole month, they would just say it doesn’t work because they tried it already.

Network Marketing is a business!  There is really only one way to fail though, and that is to quit.  Because as long as you are bringing in new customers, you are growing.  Most new businesses do not expect to make an overall profit in their first year.  They know that name recognition and loyal clientele take time.  If you spent four years in college, you may have student loans to pay off, and your initial job may not be all that you thought it might.  If you were to earn $10,000 dollars a month in another manner, how long would it take to prepare before you actually got your first check?  How about $25,000 per month or even $50,000 per month?

There are Network Marketing professionals earning a lot more than fifty grand a month.  You can read or watch their stories online.  They didn’t do it over night or even in a single year.  They started and they didn’t stop.  Ninety percent of the battle is getting started.  Ninety percent of failure comes from quitting.  I do not think there is any other business model where the playing field is so level, the stakes so small, and the payout so large.

The funny thing is that the more you do, the easier it gets.  In the beginning you are not a prime example of how to do it.  You may be doing everything right but you haven’t had time for it to really get cooking.  But then, after a while the people you sponsor can see the organization growing right before their very eyes in their back office.   People begin to see you grow.  They want to be a part of it.  You begin to attract people instead of having to look for them.  Your attitude changes.  You grow as a person.  You are becoming the person that is WORTH $10,000 a month.  People no longer feel that you are hunting them.  Now they wish you would invite them into your life.

You begin to help people.  You pick a few of your leaders and help them become secure.  And you realize that you actually enjoy life.  A lot.  Everyday.

And it wasn’t so long ago that you got an email…  Welcome to My Daily Choice.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to take the FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.

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