Multi-level Marketing is the perfect home based business and also the best second income stream.  When you are already employed, you do not desperately need the income and you have the money to build the second income.  Many times, second incomes become the primary income source.

Everyone should have a second income stream

There are several reasons to have a second income stream.
  • You may lose your primary employment
  • You may become sick or injured
  • All of your expenses are tax deductible
  • The part time business may allow you thousands of dollars in tax deductions even if you don’t actually earn a profit
  • As the part time business grows, you have added monthly income
Network Marketing is actually the purest form of free enterprise.  The really fantastic thing about MLM is that everyone orders directly from the company so you have no inventory requirements.  The company does all of the manufacturing and warehousing.  All you have to do is send people to your sales funnel.  The sales funnels at My Daily Choice are phenomenal.  The entire business can be run online.  You never have to talk to anyone in person unless you want to.  There are no hotel meetings, 3-way calls, or parties required.  The presentation is online and people are either interested or they are not.  There is an automated email responder that keeps in touch with people after they have taken the initial tour which keeps them up to date on the real time growth of their downline of pre-enrollees.

No business is easier to start!

You can join Hempworx as an affiliate for a mere $20.  Miraculous is not too strong of a word to describe the products.  CBD changes people’s lives.  And this business really can be operated from home.  Many home businesses are actually work away from home businesses.  You can operate this business from a wheelchair with a laptop computer. You may earn small commissions when just beginning, but all of your business expenses are still tax deductible.  If you paid Federal Income Tax last year, just imagine that this year you could get that amount back as a refund.  All you have to do is start a business. When you become an affiliate in My Daily Choice/Hempworx, you receive a back office with training and a lot of management tools.  You get several different web sites and landing pages that are custom tailored and personalized for you.  And of course, all of your upline is eager to help you in any way possible.  You have a ready made and personalized sales funnel.  Really, the only way to fail is to quit. You treat your business like a business because it is.  And MLM has made a lot of millionaires.  Be patient while your business grows and before you know it you discover you have an additional $100 a month in discretionary income.  You advertise.  You encourage and reward your affiliates.  You develop team leaders.  Soon, these team leaders have team leaders of their own.  Then you get to decide if your second income stream should be your only income stream.  Once your part time job exceeds the pay of your primary income, you may be able to spend more time with your family or finally do the project you have been talking about for several years.

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