If you really get excited about the products, you can become successful in any MLM company.  There are, however, certain things that make your success a whole lot easier.  One of these is a landing page with a built-in sales funnel and automated email follow-up system.  This means you never have to call anyone, never do a three way call.  Never call your leads to try and sell them.  Never talk to anyone that is not interested in your business.  Never attend a hotel meeting.  Never drive to the next town to meet a prospect.  Never take a stranger to lunch.  All of these things are so last century.  In this century, you can do the whole thing online. Enter My Daily Choice.  Hempworx products.  Hottest products on earth right now.  Because they work!  The sales process is so automated that the only thing you have to do is to send people to your landing page sales funnel.  You can do this many different ways online without ever having to call anyone, bug family and friends, or give anyone a sales pitch. Social media is a great way to advertise your opportunity.  You send people to your sales funnel.  Interested parties join and others simply opt-out. I know of no other legal way to earn tens of thousands of dollars per month while you sleep in as little as 3 to 5 years.  Is it possible to fail?  Yes, there is one way and only one way and that is to quit. What is the main difference between successful people and failures?  Attitude.  Failures want something for nothing.  Even if they win the lottery, they will be broke again in just 5 years.  Why?  Because they do not realize that they are already self employed.  Their product is time.  Some sell their time for minimum wage.  Others get thousands per second. Once a person realizes that they are already in business and always will be, they can treat their enterprise like a business and become successful.  The free enterprise system is the greatest economic system on earth.  It made the United States the greatest nation on earth in just a few years. Crybabies, socialists, and Satanists, think society owes them something.  Success is a choice!  While these morons complain about high living costs and a low minimum wage, others that are not a bit smarter, earn a hundred times the minimum wage and can afford to live wherever they want.  Jim Rohn said “If you don’t like where you live, just move.  You are not a tree.” Network Marketing has an incredibly low startup cost.  With MDC the startup cost is $20.  Overhead is also incredibly low.  You don’t need a million dollar building, warehouse full of products, employees, or even a fancy wardrobe.  You can do it bare naked. The key is to add value.  If you don’t add value, then your life is of no benefit to mankind.  If you don’t add value, we are just as well off without you.  There are a million ways to add value.  When you do, you get paid.  Whether dollars, people, or ideas. Here is an easy example.  I hear people complain about not getting to sleep easily, or having joint pain, or anxiety, or even something very serious like epilepsy.  I can perhaps help these people by suggesting that they try cbd oil.  The company offers a money back guarantee so what have they got to lose?  They try it.  Some will simply become customers.  Others will want to share the opportunity to become financially independent.  By creating a distribution chain or customer base, people can earn residual commissions every month when the customers re-buy.  This may be an over simplification of the network marketing industry, but in practice, many people are earning a large amount of money. MLM or Network Marketing is a huge industry.  It has created more millionaires and financially independent home workers than any other business model. How long it takes to build a customer base is up to you.  I was able to get over 60 affiliates in just my first 6 months, once I learned how to do it.  And you can too.  You may do it even faster than I did because I am a hermit.  I live 6 miles from the closest paved road. If you want to find out more about this business and see if it is for you, just visit:  http://BestHome.Business

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