How to fail

In truth, there is only one possible way to fail in multi-level marketing and that is to quit. Anyone saying otherwise is simply a liar. That said, there are thousands of reasons that people quit. The biggest of which is that they simply are not willing to do what it takes to succeed.

I sponsored a girl one time that was all geared up for the first couple months, but never even printed up business cards. Business cards are the cheapest advertising on earth. She wasn’t willing to spend twenty bucks on her success at Vistaprint.

Another person even sponsored a couple people but wasn’t willing to start a blog.  He wasn’t willing to sponsor anyone that he didn’t personally sign up.

One guy was real excited about another guy that he figured would make him rich and when that guy never signed up, the first guy gave up.

I spoke with another guy that had been a millionaire twice and lost it twice, what his take was and he said simply “desire.” He said “When you desire success as much as a drowning man desires air, you are unstoppable.” The man wanting the air will either get it or die. There are 47 million people in the United States that would rather live on welfare than get a job. They know there is a better life out there, but the effort required exceeds the price they are willing to pay.


The concept of Network Marketing as a Home Business is so simple that a five year old can understand it. And a 5 year old could also succeed at it because no one told him he couldn’t. Just get two people and teach them to do the same. That is all there is to it. Nothing complicated. No secret formula. End of story. But an adult can find a thousand ways not to find two people.

I don’t even know two people. Then you need to get out more.

Somebody might tell me no. Sooner or later someone will tell you no anyway. Might as well get it out of the way.

I don’t believe in myself or the product. I don’t even believe mlm works. Well, if you don’t think it is a good idea, how do you expect anyone else to? Your own personal story is the one that sells. You are your brand. Your blog is your marketplace. You own it. Fakebook and Twitter can delete your content anytime for any reason. No one can close your blog. You document your story as you go. You answer people’s questions on your blog. After your blog has enough content, you will begin to show up on page one of search results. People that join your business because of your blog did not cost you anything. You did not have to pay for an ad or buy leads. It is called organic traffic and it is the very best kind there is.

Three years from now your blog will be generating 20 leads a day for your business at zero cost. But if you do not start your blog right now, you won’t last three years. MLM takes time and effort. Time can not be faked or bought. If you do not put in the time, you will not succeed. You do not need to write a blog post every day or even every week. To be effective the blog post must be informative or solve a problem or answer a question. These are things that people search on. If you only have one blog post and someone with a thousand blog posts answers the same question, Google will give the searcher the best answer possible from the most authoritative source. Your small blog will not appear in the search results. That is why you must post a lot of content. You must be considered authoritative.

And who would be more authoritative than you? After all. You have posted blogs about your growth and learning over a period of 2 or 3 years and how to overcome the mistakes you made. This is what people want the answer to. If you do not have a blog, you will have a much harder time.

Tell your story

Business cards are simply a no brainer. If you don’t have business cards, it means that you DON’T WANT to succeed. A business card has a link to your story or landing page. By giving a person your business card, you do not have to utter a single word. Sometimes I will just hand a card and say I know you have to go and so do I. Here is my card. And then I leave. My new cards do not even have my name on them. Not my phone number either. Not even my email address. Just one link and that is everything they need to know.

If you want to know about my business, you can enter your name and take a FREE Tour.

One good thing about having God’s gift to mankind in a bottle, is that you can share it.  No need to be stingy.  When you come across someone with epilepsy and you have something that offers almost instant relief, you are a real jack-ass if you do not tell them about it.  For people in the medical industry, this is a guarantee of success.  Doctors and nurses come across people everyday that need help.  When you provide the answer, they are incredibly grateful.  Of course, there are a thousand other benefits to CBD Oil than just anxiety or epilepsy.  People have been using hemp products for thousands of years for many reasons.  Just ask Google.

Automated Sales Tools

My Daily Choice was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Internet.  Each affiliate is supplied with multiple web sites including some landing pages.  Landing pages allow you to create a sales funnel.  If you are not taking advantage of this, you are wasting 99% of your time.  This allows you to send people to your landing page and then the company auto-responder follows up on them and in many cases, closes them for you.

If you do a search, you can find many people that have become millionaires with a Home Based Business.  Working at home can be incredibly rewarding as well as allow you to raise your children at the same time without having to hire a baby sitter while you work.  All of the success stories are different and yet they all have much in common.  They did not quit or give up when faced with an obstacle.

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