Is cancer any worse than say the common cold?
It can be. But doesn’t have to be.

All of President Trump’s supporters are well aware of fake news. One could wonder how anyone could be so absolutely and incredibly stupid as to even watch the fake news channels, let alone believe any of their tripe. The answer, of course, is that not only have they been indoctrinated to believe absolute lies but they have also been programmed to shun truth and never ever search for truth or righteousness, no matter what. It’s like telling a Trump hater that freedom is better than slavery, but the moron will insist on the slavery of socialism.

The truth is out there and believe it or not, it is not hidden. In fact, there are thousands of people spreading the truth every day in case someone somehow missed it or refused to look for it on their own.

We know that Disciples of Satan hate truth. We also know that Disciples of God will never force truth upon anyone. It is about free agency. Freedom of Choice. The difference between Lucifer and Jesus. We get to choose what we believe. So are viewers of fake news so evil at heart that they become wastes of human flesh no more valuable that a cow turd?

There are truthful news sources, like OAN, so why would anyone choose to watch CNN?

We know that everything the government told us about marijuana in the 60s and 70s was a lie. In fact, we know that the government lies about most things. Now, I do not use marijuana and I do not recommend that anyone does. But clearly, making research of the hemp plant illegal was a drastic error. Now that the truth is out of the bag and there can be no disputing the medicinal benefits of CBD, the government still hangs on to those lies as if Satan will never forgive them if the complete truth ever be known. It is unbelievable to me the short sightedness of those individuals that have sold their very souls for fame or wealth when in the Eternities the earth existence is such an incredibly short amount of time. 100 or so years is such a small fraction of forever.

Being a socialist, or never searching for truth is much like being a rabbit. A rabbit runs on instinct. A rabbit does not search for truth or spend time weighing the advantages or disadvantages of choosing one path over another. If a rabbit becomes frightened, it will simply run in whatever direction it is already headed. When I drive down my road a rabbit may become scared and run right under my tire and be killed, or it may run the other way and be safe. It never occurs to the rabbit that I always stay on the road and will not chase it out through the brush.

A bird, cat, or dog, knows the difference and will evaluate a situation before making a decision. Many times a cat will sit right near where I park and be perfectly content in the knowledge that I will not run over it because it has seen me come home before and knows where I park.

So why is it that some humans will believe the lies of government or Big Pharma and never bother to investigate the truthfulness of their statements? One person is told they have cancer and that they should take chemo therapy, spend their savings and insurance benefits and die a horrible and painful death. While another individual is told they have cancer and so they research a cure and take steps to beat the cancer and live a long and healthy life, cancer free. The Internet has thousands of cancer survivor stories. Many were diagnosed with stage 4 and told death was inevitable. It’s like watching fake news and refusing to change the channel to a different point of view.

I would encourage you to be open minded. Watch this video which I did not produce but there are many like it with similar stories and you can see the truth. You do not have to believe the lies. It is a choice.

Here is another truth that you may consider: You can retire in 3 to 5 years and you don’t have to be anything out of the ordinary to do it either. Take this free tour and see if this is for you.

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