Corona Virus

The Covid-19 shutdown has cost 30 million jobs.  The death rate is generally listed as died with covid which is far different than died from covid.  There may have been only 3 people worldwide that actually died from covid, but we will never know because the tests do not tell us that.  All they really tell is if corona virus was present, but not which flavor.  And the fact that the regular flu which in the outbreak of 2017-2018 killed 80,000 people in the United States mysteriously has not killed a single one this year.  Regular flu deaths are listed as zero.  Plenty for corona though.  But that is not the topic of this discussion.

This post is about how to earn money during the covid crisis.  It is a crisis because of the lockdown.  But every crisis has winners as well as losers.  Big stores were allowed to stay open, while small stores that sell the same exact stuff were ordered to close.  So some of the winners and losers were chosen by your governor.  Flower shops were closed because love, affection, and gratitude increase the immune system by as much as 50%.  Liquor, beer, marijuana were all allowed because they tend to decrease the immune system.  Marijuana certainly depends on how it is taken as to whether or not it is an improvement or a detriment.  Still again, the decision to be open or closed was made by your governor.  Even though the Constitution guarantees the right to peacefully assemble and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You are in charge of your life

So the one thing we learned from this for certain, is that nobody is going to look after you the way you yourself will.  It is up to you to make things happen.  You are in charge of your destiny.  It is you that is responsible for your success or failure.

You can blame the government if you want.  And they certainly are at fault.  But you should have been prepared.  Why weren’t you?  Some people did not even have an extra roll of toilet paper, let alone a month supply of food and drinks.  That’s kind of like walking to work in a blizzard while naked.  Not recommended.

A man is supposed to take care of his family and protect them from harm.  Why didn’t so many men do their job?  Because like a person on welfare, they depended on someone to take care of them.  You can depend on you.  You can depend on God.  Only an idiot depends on government.  For one thing it is not their job to wipe your butt.  The buck stops with you.

You are self employed

I have a blog post that explains how to earn 5 figures a month within 6 months.  And it works.  But it is not as easy as it sounds, even though it is relatively simple in concept.  But the fact remains that if you get serious, you can retire in 3 to 5 years.

Everyone is already self employed.  Most simply do not realize it.  People decide who to sell their time to and for how much.  If you desire more money, you increase your skills or do a better job and your time becomes worth more.  Of course when a school teacher wants more money, they just refuse to work at all.

Once you realize that you are self employed, you can do things which are far more effective than selling your time for money.  Rich people never sell their time for money.  For instance, I have a few hundred people in my network on which I receive money from their efforts.  So if these people only work one hour a day, I get paid on hundreds of hours of work every day.  This is called leverage.  You did not learn about it in school because school teachers know nothing about money or how to earn it.

The power of referrals

You have probably recommended a movie to someone in the last month or so.  They were glad you did because they liked the movie also.  But you did not get paid for the referral.  With network marketing, you get paid for the referral.

My Daily Choice has a variety of health promoting products including CBD.  They are the undisputed world leader in cbd with many flavors and strengths.   An affiliate earns a commission on referrals.  But it does not end there.  Customers re-order every month, so you get paid all year long on a referral you made in January.  But it doesn’t end there either.  You even get paid on the referrals that your customers make.  Ten levels down.  So lets say that you have 5 friends that are willing to change the place in which they buy their coffee.  You would earn a commission every month when they buy more coffee.  If they do the same and refer 5 of their friends to the coffee, that would be your second level.  Guess how many people are buying your coffee in just 5 levels?    You get a commission on over 3000 people every month.  However, it’s actually even better than that because you get paid 10 levels deep.

Copies are not as good as the original

CBD is an incredibly hot product.  When people saw how successful Hempworx was, there were thousands of companies that decided to copy what they were doing.  Except they can’t.  For one thing, My Daily Choice/Hempworx had already established themselves as the world leader.   This explosion will last 15 years.  That is the market average of a new hot product from introduction to complete public awareness.  Of course there is also the rest of the world.  Not to mention that new products are constantly being added.

If you are not already in my team and are interested in building a business that your posterity can inherit and that will support you until you die, please take my FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.

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