I know somebody else said that or something similar.  Couldn’t find who said it first but it really doesn’t matter as it was original with me anyway.

Thing is, it’s true.  Especially in network marketing.

We get people that join our downline and we know they want to succeed, because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have joined.  Sometimes they just need a little direction.  You should always tell them what works for you.  Course, if what you do is complicated and difficult to achieve by a regular person, it may not help much.  The very day a person becomes an affiliate, I send a welcome letter that explains what I do to get leads.  I even include links to various places that I think may also help them.  I do want them to succeed after all.

I’ve had people tell me that they were my salvation.  That they were going to take me to the top.  I have to admire their enthusiasm.  So far, none of them actually have, though.  Still, it sounds good.  Then, I had a guy that writes me after getting one of my newsletters and he says he is quitting because I did not babysit him.  If I’d have known that was what was expected, I may have considered it.  But not for long.  I don’t mind helping someone.  I’m even glad to do it.  I don’t want to be responsible for your life, however.

In the beginning, I wanted to help everyone.  Course, when you give something to someone for free, they do not place any value on it.  If I had charged them a thousand dollars, perhaps they would have been grateful.

So, I do not offer to help deadbeats.  If they show some initiative, then I’m on it.  But otherwise, I am not running a soup kitchen for the lazy.

Sometimes, I wonder if people actually know what network marketing is.  I view it as the opportunity for someone to build a massive income without the massive investment.  Some people do not have a quarter of a million laying around to buy a McDonalds franchise.  And even if you borrow the money, you probably have to put up your home and your first born.  And even then, I would not consider the business to be a walk in the park.  You have to deal with children that have no experience and you hope their mother was a good one.

It still takes an investment, but you can substitute time for money.  How much time?  Figure on three to five years and if you do it faster, consider yourself lucky.  If I tell 5 people that tell 5 people that tell 5 people, etc., then I could be looking at a very large amount of money every month.  Five people really isn’t that many.  You might have to go through a hundred times that amount to find them, though.  Or, you can just ask 5 that you already have if they want to get serious.

Start with one.  Remember that 5 people out of the entire population of earth is all you need to personally sponsor, if they are the right 5.  And if they are not the right five, sometimes you can make them the right 5.  A little education, a little growing, a little changing of habits, a little better image of oneself, pretty soon, what may have been consider a loser, is now a winner.

People ARE born to be winners.  God did not create failures.  God created winners.  Every last one of them.  The school system did their best to educate it out of them.  They neglected to teach about money.  Not on accident, either.  For one thing, teachers know nothing about money.  The school does not hire people because they are successful at anything.  They hire them because the person went to college and did not know what to do with their life so they became a teacher.  How can a teacher possibly answer the question of how to become a millioaire by 25?  They haven’t a clue.  When they want more money, they go on strike and refuse to work at all.

If you want to learn how to be a farmer, ask a farmer.  If you want to learn how to become wealthy, ask someone that is wealthy.  Duh!

Fortunately, hundreds or thousands of wealthy people have written books and given you their secrets.  Poor people haven’t got time to read the books because they are in line at the welfare office.  No matter what you want to know, someone probably already put it in a book.  And if not, then you write the book.

Virtually ALL of the wealthy people that have written books, praise network marketing.  On the other hand, virtually all of the world’s losers, say network marketing is a scam.  Gee, I wonder who to believe.

I never said it was easy.  But you can do it without a large investment and that it will take time.  See related article.

I think it was Napoleon Hill that said if you help enough other people get what they want, that you will automatically get what you want.

Those people in your downline did not join so they could make you rich.  They want to make themselves rich.  But you can help them.  And if you do, you will be rewarded.

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