How many people do you know that are under the age of 21 and pregnant? Of these women, how many will marry the father and live happily ever after? Of the women that keep the baby and depend on family and welfare to care for the child, how many have a plan to escape poverty and perhaps even achieve financial independence? What are some of the options?
  1. Go to school and get a degree.
  2. Marry someone financially stable.
  3. Party, stay high, and hope your problems go away.
  4. Get a low paying job and work your ass off till the child is self sufficient.
  5. Develop a plan, using a proven method, to build a business that you can work from home and receive support from mentors, that will pay according to how much effort you put in, and the only way to fail is to quit.
Choosing option number 5 is a no-brainer for most but some may choose one of the slow suicide options. No money is ever earned by anyone, any where, at any time, for any reason, ever, until a sale is made. Recognize this right now or remain stupid until you do. Even if your job is cleaning toilets, someone sold something to get the money to pay you. You need a product or idea to sell. It costs money to build a manufacturing plant to create a product. It takes money to buy products that someone else manufactures for resale. Where will you get the money for your product? A prostitute told me one time that no matter how many times she sold it, she still had it. She didn’t get rich though, so let’s think of something else. What if someone that had a manufacturing plant offered you the opportunity to sell their product, but you didn’t have to buy it first? Many companies place an ad on the radio or television and pay for someone else to make the sale of their products. Advertising costs money and also pays big dividends. A TV ad during Superbowl may cost a quarter of a million dollars. Of course, hundreds of millions of people see the ad and so the cost per person is much less. You can get paid to create a sale even if you only tell one person. Your neighbor may offer you $3 for everyone that you send over to buy her pies. Naturally, even if you sell all of her pies, you won’t get rich. Some products sell as easy as pie. Often, people need to see a reason for buying, besides “it tastes good.” Reasons vary for buying, but when people do buy, they would rather have whatever they bought than the money that they traded for it. Perhaps a tool that helps make a job easier. Products that help people are easier to sell. Helping people can also make you feel good. Making money by helping other people can even be fun. Imagine a product that stopped the growth of cancer, or relieved the pain for people that suffer from MS, or any number of other ailments. The important question to ask yourself right now is, “Where do you want to be in 8 years”? Are you willing to put forth the effort to get there? Because you can be earning thousands of dollars per month from home in your spare time by following a proven plan. There are several people right now that are willing to help you along the way for free. These people have an interest in your success because it contributes to their own success. Take a moment to take a free tour of this exciting new business I can help you setup a website, blog, forum, or other Internet presence to help you get started promoting your new venture.

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