Congratulations!  You found a product that you can really get behind and a company with a marketing plan that has already made millionaires.  My Daily Choice has the best of both; products and compensation.

As you sponsor new people, you realize that you could be earning a lot more on your fast start bonuses if you were a Director or an Executive.  Either of these positions can be purchased.  In either case, only 90 PV is required to maintain the position.  This allows you to earn a whopping 50% on new purchases.  Highest in the industry.

There are books and videos online that explain how to use social media to build a large following.  In some cases, for free.  Fakebook is still one of the best platforms to gather new people.  LinkedIn, Twitter, MeWe, Instagram, etc. all have ways for you to tell other people your story.  Of course, friends and family are free leads, also.  Business cards in the right location can be one of the cheapest advertising methods in existence.  Paid advertising costs money, but works and is consistent and reliable.

Regardless of the system that you use to attract people, the main idea is to get them to take your free tour.  Here they will learn what the company is about and receive several follow up emails that are specific to them personally.  The more people that take the free tour, the more people that upgrade to affiliate.

Some people use the Tap Root approach.  That is the sponsor pitches the new affiliate’s circle of influence instead of the new affiliate him or her self.  This, because the sponsor may be considered an expert and more knowledgeable about the company and product, and also because the new affiliate may be shy.  Sometimes a sponsor may help an affiliate sponsor 5 or ten people the first week.

If you have a steady flow of people that are taking your free tour, you will have a steady flow of people upgrading to affiliate.  The cold market or people that you do not know does not have nearly as good of conversion rate as the warm market or people that you do know.  While the warm market is probably ten times as likely to close, the cold market does have a conversion rate of around 3%.  This can vary and there are things you can do to increase the conversion rate, but if you get your message to enough people, 3% is enough.

You need to think long term.  It can take 3 to 5 years to build a customer base or even longer.  Your first year is just getting off of the ground.  It grows slow at first.  But when other people begin to attract other people, the growth rate is geometric.  You are no longer the only person doing any work.

After a while you have people in a variety of cities and states that are each actively recruiting more members for their team.  It isn’t easy.  And the first year is the hardest.  The second year is much more profitable.

Start a blog as soon as possible.  Begin making Youtube videos.  If your content is good, Google and other search engines will send you people for free.


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